PET Plastic Decontamination Recycling Technology for PCR Bottles

The BePET™ system allows the decontamination of PET flakes to FDA guidelines while simultaneously controlling the final product intrinsic viscosity (IV) requirement – regardless of incoming feed IV level. The system allows you to adjust IV up, down, or maintain at the input level. Watch the video to learn more!

FDA Approved flake-to-flake rPET Plastic Recycling Technology

The FDA LNO BePET™ flake-to-flake rPET decontamination system sets a new industry standard for recycling PET materials to meet a wide array of end product IV specifications.

The continuous system enables you to adjust IV up, down, or maintain at the input level without loss of throughput while the decontamination simultaneously exceeds FDA guidelines for categories C through H at 100% rPET content as reflected in the FDA Letter of Non-Objection.

Modular rPET Process Technology

The modular component design of the BePET™ system allows for easy integration with upstream and downstream PCR bottle process operations. A complete controls system provides full automation for seamless flake processing and reduced labor costs. The system provides continuous process monitoring. And an indicator verifies compliance with FDA approved operating conditions.

The BePET™ process is stable, efficient and reliable – with no high-cost / high-maintenance vacuum or extrusion decontamination required. Additionally, the proprietary design promotes uniform plug flow and minimizes the potential for short circuiting.

With all of these features average installed costs can be substantially less than competitive systems. Savings can be as high as 60%.